episode 7 on growing up

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episode 7 on growing up

This animation always contains deep meaning and realistic ironies.

conclusion: 你的想法决定你的现实。因此,我们要为自己的快乐,痛苦,幸运,整个生活,负100%的责任

Universally known that puberty is thorny. Parents may have different views on it——like in this episode, father saying we have to stop him from having sex with a robot while mother saying no it is normal thing of puberty. Later, mom says that child always grows a monster.

The dialogue of rick and morty is always worth thinking twice. It reveals the bloody facts that we are used to avoiding talking.

“my life is a lie!” little morty says so and then runs away.

“I’m sorry that I lied to you and yelled to you just like my parents did.”

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